Oakville Hydro Recognized as Sustainable Electricity Leader by Electricity Canada

September 25, 2023

Oakville Hydro has been recognized as a Sustainable Electricity LeaderTM by Electricity Canada. The designation underscores Oakville Hydro’s commitment to sustainability, responsible energy practices and dedication to a greener future.

Electricity Canada, the national association representing the interests of the electricity sector in Canada, awarded Oakville Hydro the Sustainable Electricity LeaderTM designation in recognition of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, promote renewable energy sources and advance energy efficiency initiatives.


“We are incredibly honored to be designated as a Sustainable Electricity Leader by Electricity Canada,” said Scott Mudie, EVP, Chief Energy Transformation Officer. “We understand the responsibility we have in safeguarding the planet for future generations, and we remain steadfast in our pursuit of innovative and sustainable solutions.”

Through its commitment to sustainable practices, Oakville Hydro continues to explore new ways to enhance energy efficiency and champion sustainability throughout its operations and supply chain.


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