BCUC Finalizes Exemptions for Hydrogen Energy Services Providers

May 29, 2024

The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) issued orders to exempt three classes of hydrogen energy services from active BCUC regulation:

  • Hydrogen as a transportation fuel,
  • The production of hydrogen as a fuel for the production of electricity, or as a fuel for transportation or heating, and
  • Hydrogen delivery by truck.

As a result, a person who provides one of the above hydrogen energy services, and who is not otherwise a public utility under the Utilities Commission Act (UCA), is exempt from active regulation by the BCUC. To be eligible for exemption, a registration form must be submitted to the BCUC.

During its Hydrogen Energy Services Inquiry, the BCUC found that the hydrogen energy service market in BC did not show monopoly characteristics at this time and regulation could hinder the development of a competitive market. The BCUC included exemption recommendations in its Hydrogen Energy Services Inquiry Final Report and they were approved by the BC government in April 2024.

The BCUC’s recommendation to exempt certain hydrogen energy service providers aligns with its principle to only regulate when it is necessary.

For more information about the BCUC’s Hydrogen Energy Services Inquiry, including recommendations and findings, please see the proceeding page.


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