Federal Government to Provide $530 million to Municipalities Through the Green Municipal Fund

May 4, 2024

Communities across Canada need new infrastructure that is built for healthy, affordable living, economic sustainability and ensures the safety of homes and businesses in the 21st century. Making our communities more liveable in a world impacted by climate-related events including floods, storms, and wildfires means planning ahead and building more resilient roads, bridges, water treatment facilities, telecommunication, networks evacuation routes and much more.

To provide fairness for every generation, create new opportunities and launch Canadian Environment Week, the Government of Canada is accelerating adaptation support for resilient municipal infrastructure.

Today, the Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, along with the Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, President of the King’s Privy Council for Canada, Minister of Emergency Preparedness, and Minister responsible for the Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada, and Tim Tierney, Third Vice-President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), on behalf of FCM President Scott Pearce, announced the Local Leadership for Climate Adaptation (LLCA) initiative, through the Green Municipal Fund.

This $530-million initiative represents one of the largest ever investments in building liveable and resilient communities in preparation for climate change in Canadian history and is a key initiative under Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy.

Through collaboration with local governments, the initiative will support adaptation planning, capacity building, implementation, and financing, to help municipalities and their partners build long-term, resilient infrastructure. By 2031, the initiative will have funded more than 1,400 municipal activities.

As part of the announcement, the federally funded Green Municipal Fund is accepting applications through its website under the Adaptation in Action funding stream of LLCA. In all, there are three funding streams that will provide substantial support for municipalities to carry out climate adaptation projects. In addition to support for climate adaptation planning, municipalities can apply for up to $1 million for implementation projects and up to $70,000 for feasibility studies. Municipalities that have completed climate adaptation plans and/or risk assessments are eligible to apply. The deadline for applications is August 14, 2024.

The Green Municipal Fund is also introducing funding for partner-led initiatives that will enable skills development and training to help local governments build more resilient communities. Eligible partners will receive funding and support to design and deliver training programs that equip municipalities with the tools they need for proactive and equitable climate resilience planning.

While all people in Canada are at risk of climate change impacts, these risks are not shared equally. Those already facing inequities in our society, including marginalized groups, the elderly, and the people living with disabilities, are among those most likely to be impacted by severe weather events. The new climate adaptation initiative announced today will focus on advancing meaningful equity and inclusion outcomes through projects to help build stronger, more liveable, and more resilient communities all across Canada.


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