Kinectrics Inc. Secures IESO Hydrogen Innovation Funding to Further Technologies and Grid Flexibility

November 3, 2023

Kinectrics is pleased to announce that it has secured funding from the IESO Hydrogen Innovation Fund to perform a hydrogen feasibility study.

This fund seeks to establish action-oriented, sector-specific pilot projects with the purpose of evaluating and demonstrating how low-carbon hydrogen technologies can be integrated to strengthen and improve the reliability of Ontario’s energy grid.

The comprehensive plan submitted by Kinectrics and its project partners, Bruce Power and FuelCell Energy, included performing a techno-economic assessment of hydrogen production as a clean fuel source for heavy-duty vehicles through high-temperature water electrolysis and will explore the use of solid oxide fuel cells for power generation. It will evaluate the economic feasibility, including installation, maintenance and operating costs of hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and power generation infrastructure.

This project will seek to demonstrate the value of hydrogen as an integral part of the electrical grid, and will identify key environmental, safety, regulatory and operational considerations for its deployment. This project will serve as a pilot for broader deployment at a larger scale including integrating hydrogen systems with nuclear power plants including Small Modular Reactors. The project team will seek to apply the lessons learned in this pilot to future commercial installations of hydrogen electrolyzers and fuel cells.

Kinectrics has an extensive history solving the energy industry’s toughest challenges. It is well positioned to conduct this hydrogen study that will produce valuable insights to support decarbonization of power. Through our expertise, world-class laboratories, and innovation, we have the experience, people, and facilities to deliver solutions that will drive positive change in our energy systems. We are excited to embark on this next chapter with our project partners, Bruce Power, IESO, and FuelCell Energy to create meaningful opportunities to advance hydrogen production and improve grid reliability and flexibility.

David Harris President and CEO, Kinectrics

Nuclear power offers numerous advantages such as stable and continuous electricity supply, cost efficiency and carbon-free generation. We are pleased to support Kinectrics and FuelCell Energy as they take this step to explore the potential to use innovative new technology to harness the power of nuclear to produce low-carbon hydrogen.

Richard Horrobin Vice-President of Business Development and Energy Innovation, Bruce Power

Power generation in Ontario is already among the cleanest in the world, thanks to nuclear energy. Producing hydrogen from zero carbon electricity allows for decarbonization of other sectors of the economy as well, including light and heavy duty, rail, sea, and aviation transportation, industrial, and long duration energy storage. We are proud that FuelCell Energy’s solid oxide platform is part of this project and believe it is the most efficient available electrolysis technology in the world.

Jason Few President and CEO, FuelCell Energy

Ontario’s electricity grid is well-positioned to support the integration of hydrogen technologies. We look forward to this study’s insights on how to best leverage Ontario’s clean electricity grid to produce low-carbon hydrogen.

Lesley Gallinger President and CEO, IESO


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