SaskEnergy Launches Homes Beyond Code Program

March 26, 2024

SaskEnergy is incentivizing customers to build new homes at higher energy efficiency levels than required by the current National Building Code of Canada 2020. Rebates of up to $9000 are available for homes built to energy codes above Tier #2.   

“Our government is pleased with SaskEnergy’s efforts to help Saskatchewan homebuyers purchase energy efficient homes through the Homes Beyond Code Program,” said David Buckingham, MLA for Saskatoon Westview. “This program will make purchasing an energy efficient home more affordable, while also reducing energy bills through lower energy consumption.”

Home Beyond Code

The amendment to Saskatchewan’s Building Code Regulations and Energy Code Regulations, that include energy efficiency tiers for the construction of buildings, came into effect on January 1, 2024. The goal of energy tiers is to progressively increase the energy efficiency requirements of new homes. For instance, the new baseline at Tier #2 is a 10 per cent improvement over Tier #1. Tier #3 improves energy efficiency by 20 per cent, Tier #4 by 40 per cent, and Tier #5 is 70 per cent better than Tier #1. Homes exceeding Tier #3 will be eligible for a $3000 rebate, homes exceeding Tier #4 will be eligible for a $5000 rebate, and homes exceeding Tier #5 will be eligible for a $9000 rebate. 

“SaskEnergy is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and our energy efficiency programming is an important part of achieving this commitment,” said Mark Guillet, President & CEO for SaskEnergy. “The Homes Beyond Code Program will support SaskEnergy customers to reduce their end-use emissions as well as improve the quality and comfort of their homes.”

SaskEnergy has earmarked approximately $800 thousand for the program and opened its eligibility to both homeowners and homebuilders. Builders are eligible for an $800 rebate per approved building. 

“The Homes Beyond Code Program is a positive step forward for the home building industry in Saskatchewan and the homeowners we serve. This program not only aligns with our commitment to sustainable building practices, but it also offers tangible benefits to those looking to invest in more energy-efficient homes,” says Nicole Burgess, CEO Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association. “By supporting the construction of homes that exceed the current building code, SaskEnergy is enabling builders to continue to lead the way in energy efficiency, ultimately contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for all Saskatchewan residents.”

To qualify for the rebate the house must be: 

  1. a new residential home on a permanent foundation in Saskatchewan.
  2. Eligible housing types are a detached house, semi-detached, row house, townhouse or modular home built on a permanent foundation, connected to SaskEnergy’s natural gas system and use natural gas for space heating; 
  3. built subject to guidance from an Energy Advisors from a registered service organization or member of the Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors.

To learn more about the Homes Beyond Code program including details on eligibility, full terms and conditions, and how to apply, on SaskEnergy’s Website.


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