CCGIC 2024 Registration Period – February 19 to March 1, 2024

The registration period for the Construction Industry General Knowledge Course (CCGIC) will take place from February 19 to March 1 , 2024 inclusive.

This registration process is intended for people who wish to obtain a certificate of competence for the specialized occupation from which they have graduated, among the following:

  • Lineman;
  • Welder;
  • Pipe welder (high pressure).

Qualified blaster and driller candidates, surveying instrument attendants and divers as well as people entering the industry depending on the state of the basins workforce, do not have to register with the CCGIC to obtain a first certificate of occupational competence (CCO). However, to renew their CCO, these people must have successfully completed, within their mandatory training period, the CCGIC which is divided into two distinct training activities.

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