Apprenticeship Manitoba FAQ – 1:1 Apprentice-to-Journeyperson Ratio

May 27, 2024

How is the apprentice-to-journeyperson ratio changing?

All trades currently use a ratio of no more than two apprentices for each journeyperson (a 2:1 ratio). The department is amending this to a 1:1 apprentice to journeyperson ratio.

The regulation will come into effect later this calendar year.

Why is the change being implemented?

The Manitoba government supports the 1:1 ratio and this decision follows through on the commitment made. Manitoba is prioritizing quality education and safety of apprentices. This change is being implemented alongside efforts to modernize the apprenticeship system in Manitoba. We will be launching a review to facilitate this important work. The department will be consulting with the Apprenticeship and Certification Board on these ratio changes and the overall review of the system.

How will the changes impact existing apprenticeship agreements?

Apprenticeship agreements registered before the new regulations come into effect later this fall will be authorized to continue to use a 2:1 ratio provided each of the following conditions are met:

  • The employer has been permitted to have their journeypersons supervise more than one apprentice.
  • The apprentices actively demonstrate continued progress in their apprenticeship program under their preexisting employment agreement.
  • The journeyperson does not take on additional apprentices.

New apprenticeship agreements entered into after the regulations are passed will be subject to a 1:1 apprenticeship to journeyperson ratio.

I am an employer, what happens if I cannot employ enough journeypersons to meet the 1:1 ratio

The Manitoba government appreciates that a transition period will be necessary for employers shifting to the 1:1 ratio requirement and more information about transition supports will be available soon.

Employers will continue to have the option of applying for ratio adjustments or using designated trainers as detailed below:

Ratio Adjustments
Employers who are unable to meet the 1:1 ratio requirement by the implementation date (to be determined) may be eligible for a ratio adjustment. Ratio adjustments permit employers to use a 2:1 ratio for a limited time based on demonstrated need. Additional information and the Ratio Adjustment Application can found here.

Designated Trainers
Employers may employ a Designated Trainer in lieu of a journeyperson to supervise and train an apprentice. Designated Trainers are experienced tradespersons without journeyperson certification. Additional information and the Designated Trainer Application can found here.

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