Introducing the SEL-787L Line Current Differential Relay

April 23, 2024

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL has introduced the SEL-787L Line Current Differential Relay, which delivers economical, fast, secure and dependable line current differential protection for distribution and industrial applications.

The SEL-787L features advanced algorithms that detect faults and initiate rapid, precise tripping actions while safeguarding against communication disturbances and asymmetry without depending on an external time source. The SEL-787L provides both line current differential and overcurrent protection in a single, compact unit. It maximizes simplicity by supporting both point-to-point or multiplexed IEEE C37.94 communications using single-mode or multimode fiber.  

The SEL-787L is the latest addition to the SEL-700 series family and offers all the same popular features, including:
  • Arc-flash protection.
  • A 5-inch color touchscreen display.
  • All widely used communication and time protocols.
  • A small form factor.
  • Low-energy analog voltage and current inputs (Rogowski coil and low-power CT).  
  • Flexible I/O options.

“We are very excited to expand the SEL-700 series family by adding the SEL-787L,” said Vinod Yedidi, senior engineering manager at SEL. “The SEL-787L provides economical and reliable current differential protection in an easily configurable, small form factor that’s packed with innovative features. For customers already using SEL-700 series products, the SEL-787L offers the same product line consistency for ease of integration and application.”

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