Phase Rotation Meters Models 6611 and 6612

May 27, 2024

AEMC’s Phase & Motor Rotation Meter Model 6611 and Phase Rotation Meter Model 6612 were designed to identify phase rotation on 3-Phase systems and identify live and open/de-energized phases. They are reliable tools that you can depend on to ensure everything is working properly, making your work much easier and effective, all at a low cost.

The Model 6611 is a three-in-one test tool for any plant maintenance staff, contractors, and electricians. Designed to identify proper sequencing for three-phase power, the Model 6611 can also measure the proper rotation of motors, conveyors, pumps, and other electrical devices interconnected on the power line system before installation.

The Model 6612 is a compact and rugged handheld instrument designed to facilitate installing three-phase electrical power supply networks by allowing a rapid determination of the direction of phase rotation. It allows you to measure these devices ensuring that they operate efficiently and safely.

  • 1000 V CAT III or 600 V CAT IV safety rated
  • Determine the direction of phase rotation
  • Determine the direction of rotation of a motor with or without connection (Model 6611)
  • Clockwise and Counterclockwise rotation LED (Model 6612)
  • Indication of live phase presence or phase absence (Model 6611)
  • Determine the activation of a solenoid valve without connection (Model 6611)
  • Color-coded leads (red, black, blue)
  • Color-coded jacks for common U.S. phase colors
  • Line supplied – no battery needed (Model 6612)
  • Protected internally by high impedance circuit to limit the current to user safe limits
  • Phase rotation
  • Measure rotation of motors, conveyors, pumps
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Electrical device installation
Target Markets
  • Industrial plants
  • Industrial and commercial markets
  • Electric utilities
  • Electric contracting
  • Automotive

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