Bell, Rogers, and Telus Aquire 3800 MHz 5G Spectrum Across Canada

December 20, 2023

More spectrum made available by the federal government through the 3800 MHz spectrum auction will mean faster rollout of 5G services and improved rural connectivity.

In total, 4,099 licences were awarded to 20 Canadian bidders, including 870 licences to small and regional providers across the country. When combined with the results of the 3500 MHz auction, small and regional providers have doubled their spectrum holdings, further strengthening their ability to offer competitive services.

Telus secured 3800 MHz spectrum licences nationwide at a cost of $620 million during the recent ISED 3800 MHz auction. TELUS will now hold licences to an average of 72 MHz of 3800 MHz spectrum nationally, acquired at an average price of $0.24 per MHz-pop. Combined with the 3500 MHz spectrum obtained in 2021, TELUS has secured approximately 100 MHz of prime 5G mid-band spectrum nationally, with contiguity in 96% of the country including all major markets, at an average price of $0.82 per MHz-pop. 

Rogers invested $475 million for 40.5 MHz of 3800 MHz spectrum at $0.32 cents per MHz/POP across 172 regions available under the spectrum auction. The acquired 3800 MHz will complement Rogers industry-leading 3500 MHz 5G spectrum that it currently holds. This spectrum covers not only urban areas, but also includes rural and Indigenous communities across the country.

Key details about Bell’s 3800 MHz wireless spectrum acquisition:

  • Secured 1.77 billion MHz-Pop for $518 million ($0.29 per MHz-Pop).
  • Acquired 939 spectrum licenses, providing Bell with 100 MHz of 3500 MHz and 3800 MHz cross-band spectrum across approximately 99 per cent of Canada’s population, which provides more people and businesses nationwide with better digital experiences.

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