Chris Milner Selected as Yukon Energy President and CEO

January 18, 2024

After an extensive national search, Yukon Energy’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce Chris Milner as Yukon Energy’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

In his last three years at Yukon Energy as Vice President of Government Relations and then interim President and CEO, Mr. Milner has played a critical role in developing partnerships, leading teams, and advancing the Corporation’s vision of being a Canadian leader in sustainable electricity. As President and CEO, Mr. Milner will continue to lead Yukon Energy’s priorities of:

  • Maintaining the Yukon’s existing supply of reliable and renewable electricity by upgrading and permitting existing infrastructure;
  • Increasing the supply of dependable winter electricity resources while implementing initiatives to decrease and smooth out peak winter energy demands;
  • Planning for the future and growing electricity demand through the development of a short-term Electricity Supply Plan and long-term Integrated Resource Plan;
  • Forming strong relationships with First Nation governments across the Yukon; and
  • Providing opportunities for staff to learn and grow while keeping them safe on the job.

Mr. Milner’s collaborative approach to his work will be key in helping Yukon Energy to achieve these priorities and delivering on its mission of providing Yukoners with reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity.


“Chris’s commitment to creating opportunities for First Nations governments and businesses in the energy sector has been foundational to Yukon Energy’s work. As we enter this new phase of energy resource planning and development of new energy resources, we need a leader who can bring all the parties together to create a clean energy future. Chris is that leader.”

– Lesley Cabott, Chair of Yukon Energy’s Board of Directors

“Chris brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Yukon Energy, which has already proven valuable in his time with the corporation over the last few years. His ability to create advocates within government has and will continue to play an important role in building a sustainable legacy for the Yukon.”

– Mike Pemberton, Chair of Yukon Development Corporation

“It is an exciting time to be working with Yukon Energy. We are focused on maintaining the industry leading 90% or better renewable energy generation systems that we have in place today. We have a strong foundation for the future as the Yukon Energy team works with our partners to meet rapidly increasing demand for electricity to achieve climate goals through the electrification of home heating, commercial activities, and transportation.”

“This is a massive opportunity for the Yukon to come together on solutions that will meet our winter energy needs today and plan for tomorrow’s clean energy needs. Canada, Yukon and First Nation governments have a pivotal role to play in our evolving energy landscape and I look forward to strengthening our relationships as we build the Yukon’s energy future together.”

– Chris Milner, Yukon Energy President and CEO


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