Nexans Joins the Current/OS Foundation for the Promotion and Adoption of Active DC Microgrids

December 12, 2023

Nexans is happy to announce its membership to the Current/OS Foundation, a non-profit, open and independent foundation for the promotion and adoption of active direct current (DC) microgrids.

Make the transition to DC-powered buildings a reality

Cables are a fundamental part of a building’s electrical infrastructure in the transition to DC-powered structures: Nexans is committed to design and manufacture cable systems that are compatible and optimized with future DC building infrastructures.

DC is a game-changer in tomorrow’s energy transition

Max-André Delannoy, Group Technical & Innovation VP at Nexans, explains : “we already live in a DC world: electronic devices, solar generation, battery energy storage systems, LED lighting, electric vehicles, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are all DC-powered. But all these devices are interfaced by AC/DC converters that introduce significant losses during conversion. DC is a game-changer in tomorrow’s energy transition for a more efficient, smarter electrical infrastructure. It is essential for Nexans to better understand such architecture and its deployment in buildings, to develop the most suitable cable solution. Joining Current/OS and leveraging Nexans’s expertise, we are helping to make the vision of smart, connected, sustainable DC-powered structures a reality.

Towards unified standards and codes

Several challenges need to be addressed for the adoption of DC-powered buildings to become widespread. One of the significant challenges is the uptake by industry professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in AC power. It will take a collective effort by industry leaders, manufacturers, and regulators to educate and train professionals on DC-powered infrastructure.

In addition, building standards and codes need to be built to address specifications for DC-powered devices. This will ensure that buildings are designed and constructed with DC infrastructure in mind and that the safety and performance requirements for DC-powered devices are met.

The Foundation was set up to assure the availability of the Current/OS Set of Rules to any product manufacturer. It aims to come to a unified standard for DC microgrid control purposes. The Foundation provides its partners with an open set of rules and clear guidelines on how to manufacture products that work in a Current/OS based DC environment.

By joining the Foundation, Nexans is showing its commitment to innovate to make possible the transition to more efficient electrical systems.


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