Electric Mobility Canada, Electricity Canada and Electro Federation Canada join forces to form Infrastructure to Grid Working Group

May 27, 2024

Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) is pleased to announce the creation of the Infrastructure to Grid Working Group, a group formed under the Federal ZEV Council.

Partnering with Electricity Canada and Electro Federation Canada, this group aims to facilitate the collaboration between charging infrastructure providers and utilities.

Members will exchange invaluable information, including key scientific and energy data, as well as policy strategies that will help address important questions during Canada’s transition to electric transportation. This information gathering will help answer issues such as: How much electricity is required to operate these chargers?; How will this electricity be sourced?; What type of infrastructure is required for a sustainable network?;  How can the supply chain collaborate with utilities to ensure we meet Canada’s timelines? “EMC is proud to lead this group. This collaboration is essential in creating a seamless transition to electric mobility”, states Daniel Breton, President & CEO of Electric Mobility Canada.

Carol McGlogan, President & CEO of Electro Federation Canada adds, “EFC is excited to be involved in the Infrastructure-to-Grid subgroup of the ZEV Council.  EFC members represent the supply chain and technology experts for EV and grid infrastructure.  We see this collaboration as a key accelerator to reach Canada’s ZEV mandate”. The partnership between the three organizations will create efficiency in information sharing – a vital component to accelerating EV adoption.

“We are on the cusp of one of the most important transitions in Canada, as increasing numbers of people turn to zero emissions vehicles. Data will be essential to this transition to ease uncertainty and increase our understanding of what we need to do make things work. The Infrastructure to Grid Working Group will help make that happen”, declares Francis Bradley, President and CEO of Electricity Canada

There is much work to be done before Canada can realize its ZEV targets, but partnerships such as this one will ensure our country reaches them.


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