Hydro One and VR Vision Collaborate to Enhance Customer Care Experience Using Virtual Reality Tools

October 19, 2023

Recently, Hydro One announced its partnership with VR Vision, a renowned virtual reality (VR) technology company, to support its new connection training curriculum for its customer care and field service teams.

This collaboration marks a first of its kind in Canada for customer care utility teams and marks a significant leap forward from the traditional utility services training model. Approximately 530 Hydro One employees are being trained using VR from now until the end of June 2024.

“Virtual reality training at Hydro One unlocks a world of possibilities, offering immersive experiences, practical skill development and collaborative learning for our employees,” said Teri French, Executive Vice President, Operations and Customer Care, Hydro One. “It’s a game-changer that will start to unlock a simple and easy experience for customers looking to connect with Hydro One’s services.”  

“We are proud to collaborate with Hydro One on this groundbreaking project,” said Roni Cerga, CEO, VR Vision. “Our expertise in virtual reality technology combined with Hydro One’s commitment to innovation has resulted in a transformative training solution for all those involved in the new connection process. We believe this partnership sets a new standard for the utility industry and opens the doors to endless possibilities for immersive training.”

The VR training program developed by Hydro One and VR Vision accelerates the learning process by immersing trainees in a realistic, interactive environment, enabling them to gain practical experience quickly. It fosters empathy and understanding, allowing team members to better understand and appreciate the perspectives of customers. The program also enhances the retention of knowledge and skills through experiential learning, resulting in more confidence and proficiency. 

Hydro One employees taking part in VR training.

Hydro One is committed to customer service excellence and continuous improvement. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, Hydro One’s is ensuring employees learn the necessary skills to deliver exceptional service now and in the future.


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