Orion Cordage Forges Strategic Partnership with SOS to Increase Growth in the Canadian Market

March 13, 2024

Orion Cordage, a long-standing provider of industrial cordage in the Telecom, Utility, and Electrical markets, proudly announces its plan for expansion in the Canadian market through a strategic partnership with the national sales firm Sales Outsource Solutions (SOS).

This partnership marks a significant milestone in Orion’s expansion strategy, aiming to make its high-quality products widely available to the Canadian Industrial, Telecom, and Power Utility communities.

Orion Cordage’s expansion in the Canadian market signals the company’s commitment to North American growth and fortifies its place as a long-standing provider of dependable and quality industrial tape and cordage solutions. The strategic partnership with SOS emphasizes the significance of collaboration in promoting innovation and meeting the unfolding needs of utilities in our constantly changing world.

Orion Cordage brings a wealth of experience and a diverse portfolio of products to address the unique needs of the Canadian market. Orion Cordage has Canadian manufacturing in Prescott, Ontario creating Canadian jobs and, with a Canadian plant, is able to carefully manage quality and lead times. The collaboration with SOS, a trusted name in Manufacturer Sales Representation, will play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless integration of Orion’s products into the Canadian marketplace.

“We are very pleased to partner on this path expanding our reach in the Canadian market alongside SOS,” said Rishi Sahel, Co-CEO for Orion Cordage. “This partnership allows us to combine Orion’s tape and cordage solutions with SOS’s market reach to make certain that our products are freely accessible to businesses across Canada.”

Brian Didone, Director of Conduit Systems for the Canadian division of SOS, commented, “Adding Orion’s 150+ years’ experience and dependable industrial cordage solutions are just another step in our strategy to build a first-in-class complementary portfolio tackling the most critical needs of the Canadian Industrial, Telecom, Electrical and Power Utility communities. Orion Cordage is an experienced, dependable Canadian manufacturer, offering a wide breadth and complete range of product solutions. We are very pleased to be representing this longstanding and dependable company here in Canada.”

For more information about Orion and its products, please visit www.orioncordage.com.

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