SYNERGY NORTH Collaborates In Ontario Energy Board’s Innovation Sandbox Challenge

November 28, 2023

SYNERGY NORTH is a proud partner on a project that is a recent recipient of a major funding grant from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

The OEB has announced funding for six projects to receive one-time total funding of $1.5 million to support innovation in the energy sector as part of its Innovation Sandbox Challenge.

The Sandbox Challenge was launched in response to the feedback from the energy sector regarding the critical need for funding to support innovative projects. The OEB selected several noteworthy initiatives for funding. SYNERGY NORTH is one of the distributor partners on an innovative project with Powerconsumer Inc. (Powerconsumer). 

Powerconsumer will leverage existing pilot projects to enable scalable flexibility markets. These markets are a way for distributors to allow for demand-side participation from customers, encouraging those customers to modify their level and pattern of electricity usage. Powerconsumer will receive $400,000.

“The collaboration between Synergy North and Powerconsumer marks a significant stride toward empowering our customers to participate actively in the energy market,” says Karla Bailey, Vice President, Asset Management & Engineering of SYNERGY NORTH.” This project is geared toward a future where customers can wield greater control, harnessing the potential of resources such as electric vehicles, battery storage, backup generation, or even their personal adjustments to air conditioning and heating. This all positively contributes to the distribution system while also monetizing resources effectively.”

Earlier this year, the OEB invited project submissions focusing on two themes based on public input. The Challenge: how to move pilots to broader implementation and innovative strategies to enhance customers’ understanding of their role in the energy transition, a global shift towards a more sustainable, renewable energy future.

“Synergy North is committed to playing a vital role in this project, working alongside our partners to support innovation aimed at shaping the future of energy in our communities and beyond. This collaboration demonstrates a shared forward-thinking vision, leveraging expertise and extensive experience from the Synergy North team ” continues Bailey.


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