Government of Canada Invests $16.7 Million to Support Ontario’s Power Grid Operator With Delivering Reliable, Affordable and Clean Energy

March 26, 2024

As more people in Ontario ride electrified public transit, shift to electric vehicles and adopt electric heat pumps, and as Ontario businesses and industries continue to green their operations, an abundant supply of clean, reliable and affordable electricity is needed. In fact, Ontario’s electricity grid operator, the IESO, expects that Ontario’s electricity needs will increase by 40 percent over the next two decades. Integrating new and emerging technologies into Ontario’s electricity grid will help deliver more electricity to Ontario homes and businesses reliably and affordably, while decarbonizing Ontario’s electricity system.

To this end, a $16.7-million federal investment has been announced for a project by Ontario’s power grid operator (IESO) that will strengthen its electricity grid operations. Federal funding for the project will specifically help IESO increase the number and diversity of clean energy resources that can participate in delivering electricity in Ontario, which will give Ontario households and businesses greater access to more reliable, cost-effective and clean options to meet rising demand.

Some improvements that will be made possible through this federal funding include:

·          Providing the IESO’s Control Centre with real-time data on the state of charge of battery storage facilities, so that electricity system operators are aware of how much stored energy is available at any given moment;

·          Enabling aggregators to consolidate smaller resources in different cities and communities around Ontario to collectively bid into Ontario’s electricity markets;

·          Allowing supply as small as 100 kW in Ontario’s electricity markets (e.g., a manufacturing plant’s roof-top solar array).  

Federal funding for this project is provided through the Government of Canada’s Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways Program (SREPs), which is supporting smart renewable energy, energy storage and electrical grid modernization projects across the country. The SREPs program is one of many initiatives that the Government of Canada is undertaking to deliver clean, reliable and affordable power to every region of Canada by 2035. For example, through NRCan’s Electricity Pre-Development Program, Minister Wilkinson announced a federal investment of $50 million last week to support Bruce Power’s assessment of new generation opportunities at its site in Tiverton, Ontario. This funding will enable the exploration of a project that could produce power for up to 4,800,000 homes and businesses in Ontario and represents more than 25 percent of the new nuclear capacity required for Ontario to meet its clean electricity needs in 2050, as recommended by the IESO.

The Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario are also continuing to work collaboratively on the draft Clean Electricity Regulations, as they have since the first draft was released, to address the concerns raised by Ontario’s expert system planners with the goal of ensuring the final regulation will maintain Ontarians’ access to a reliable, affordable and clean electricity system.

The Government of Canada will continue to work with experts and governments to position Canada, including Ontario, as a global supplier of clean energy and new technologies, while creating new economic opportunities, good jobs, and a clean, reliable, affordable electrical grid for all. 


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