Canada’s Electricity Sector to Invest in Indigenous Communities

December 20, 2023

Electricity Canada will be investing up to $6.5M worth of electricity industry training registrations through a donation of up to 32,500 tuitions over five years of it’s popular Electricity Fundamentals in Canada (EFiC) industry training course to Indigenous communities across the country.

With an estimated 650 Indigenous Communities in Canada including First Nations, Metis, and Innuit peoples, this course will enable industry-specific capacity building and support the engagement, development and attraction of new talent and services into the electricity sector.

“We are excited about the opportunity to enhance our longstanding partnerships with Indigenous communities across Canada through our offer of industry training,” noted Francis Bradley, President, and CEO of Electricity Canada. “As we work to electrify Canada by 2050 as part of our net zero goals, it will take the participation of everyone to meet the challenges ahead.”

Channa Perera, Vice President of Regulatory and Indigenous Relations at Electricity Canada stated, “Our members recognize the extensive talent that our Indigenous Peoples can offer, and we look forward to further strengthening our relationships with them through these complimentary course registrations.” Perera added, “Our members have already started to reach out to several Indigenous communities across the country with this training offer and are receiving strong interest.”

Electricity Canada calls upon Indigenous community leaders, all levels of governments, electricity companies, supply chain partners and others to join us in disseminating these free course registrations to help build capacity and advance economic reconciliation in Canada.


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