The Electric Circuit Inaugurates its Largest Fast-Charging Point at La Porte de l’Érable Rest Area

March 26, 2024

The Electric Circuit Inaugurates its Largest Fast-Charging Point at La Porte de l'Érable Rest Area
The Electric Circuit’s fast-charging superstation at Porte de L’Érable, exit 228 off Highway 20. (CNW Group/Circuit électrique)

The Electric Circuit is pleased to announce the commissioning of its largest fast-charging point at the La Porte de l’Érable rest area located at Exit 228 on Highway 20.

In addition to the four 50-kW fast-charge stations already at the site, the Electric Circuit is adding eight 180-kW power sharing charging stations and two ABB E-mobility 350-kW charging stations. With a total of 2,340 kilowatts of power offered, this Electric Circuit charging point is the largest of its kind in Québec and can charge 24 electric vehicles simultaneously. What’s more, vehicles with a trailer and even heavy- and light-duty trucks will be able to easily connect to some of the new charging stations.

“The Electric Circuit would like to highlight the support of the La Porte de l’Érable rest area for the space provided, allowing us to offer EV drivers this fast-charge superstation. With the help of our various partners, we will continue to develop our charging network throughout Québec and offer a reliable charging service to meet the needs of the growing number of electric vehicles expected in the coming years.”

–  Renaud Cloutier, Manager – Business Development, the Electric Circuit at Hydro-Québec

With a growing number of electric vehicles on our roads and given that Highway 20, which links the city of Québec and Montréal, is the busiest route in the province, adding this many fast-charge stations at that location was key to offering EV drivers even more charging options and reducing lineups.

“We are delighted to support Hydro-Québec in its objective of offering drivers more sustainable options throughout Québec—options that are quick and practical and that are available to everyone. This project is an example that highlights the importance of helping our customers and EV drivers reduce their GHG emissions.”

 Matthew Bartolone, Regional Vice President of ABB E-mobility for Québec

The Electric Circuit would like to thank Natural Resources Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program for the funding to install the new charging stations.


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