FLO Enables GM Plug and Charge on FLO DC Fast Chargers Across Canada

April 9, 2024

FLO and General Motors are making the fast-charging experience easier for GM’s EV drivers across Canada with the activation of Plug and Charge capability at all DC fast chargers on the FLO network across the country. All GM EV drivers are provided with access to GM’s Plug and Charge, which is enabled by FLO’s autocharge software. The feature allows GM EV drivers to begin a fast-charging session simply by plugging in their vehicle at one of FLO’s fast charging stations across Canada. It eliminates the need to open a mobile app or tap a charging card.

Once an enabled GM EV is plugged into a FLO DC fast charger, FLO’s technology automatically confirms identification, authorizes the charging session and activates billing without any additional action from the driver.

“FLO’s innovative software technology that supports GM’s Plug and Charge is just the latest step in FLO’s mission to provide the best charging experience for EV drivers across North America,” said Nathan Yang, FLO Chief Product Officer. “FLO’s vertical integration and expertise with remotely updating software to add new features to the chargers on our network allows us to deliver a plug and charge experience that moves the fast-charging experience forward.”

To use GM’s Plug and Charge feature at a FLO charger, a GM EV driver links their FLO account with their myBrand App (myChevrolet/myCadillac/myGMC) and enables the Plug and Charge feature.

“GM’s Plug and Charge enabled by FLO creates a simplified, seamless and consistent charging experience for GM EV drivers,” said Mathew Palmer, Director, EV Ecosystems, GM Canada. “FLO continues to be a leader in EV charging, and our collaborations help to drive consumer EV adoption by improving functionality and expanding charging infrastructure.”

*GM’s Plug and Charge enabled by FLO’s autocharge software works only with GM EVs and the Combined Charging System (CCS) connector.


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