IESO Announces Free Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps for Income-Eligible Ontario Residents 

December 7, 2023

To help income-eligible residents of Ontario living in electrically heated homes lower their energy costs, Save on Energy—through its Energy Affordability Program—is offering free cold climate air source heat pumps to qualifying Ontario households. 

“A heat pump is a unique system that provides both home heating and cooling all year round, and can improve comfort and air quality of a home,” says Tam Wagner, Director, Demand Side Management, the IESO. “Heat pumps are also energy efficient, and can reduce costs by up to 50 per cent when switching from an electric furnace or baseboard.” 

Residents of Ontario—including those living in grid-connected First Nations—who are responsible for paying their monthly electricity bill as a homeowner or renter, and reside in an electrically heated home, may qualify for this and other free home upgrades through the Energy Affordability Program. 

“Our government is ensuring Ontario has a reliable, affordable and clean grid that residents across the province can depend on all year long,” says Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. “The Energy Affordability Program is helping more households take advantage of the many benefits energy efficient heat pumps provide, from cutting monthly electricity bills to increased home comfort, no matter what the season.” 

Through the Energy Affordability Program, more than 156,000 households across the province have benefited from a variety of free energy efficiency upgrades since 2011. 

The type of energy efficiency upgrades a qualifying household may receive depends on household income level from the previous year and how many people live in the household, or on receipt of a qualifying government or energy-support benefit. Residents of social housing may also be eligible. 

In addition to cold climate air source heat pumps—which have a two-year free maintenance warranty and a 10-year equipment and labour warranty—qualifying households may also be eligible for other free energy efficiency upgrades offered through the Energy Affordability Program, including professionally installed replacement appliances, such as ENERGY STAR®refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioners, and lighting; weatherstripping around doors and windows; attic and basement insulation; and smart thermostats and power strips. 

For more information visit the Energy Affordability Program | Save on Energy  website. 

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