Intake Window for IESO’s 2024 Grid Innovation Fund Call is Now Open

May 29, 2024

The intake window for the 2024 Grid Innovation Fund Call is now open with $9.5 million in funding for electric vehicle and electric space and water heating projects.

Under the electric vehicle stream, the IESO is looking for proposals that explore grid applications for vehicle-to-grid and charging management technologies. Under the electric space and water heating stream, proponents are invited to submit projects that demonstrate how the effective energy management of heating, cooling and thermal storage can support grid reliability.

The Ontario Energy Board will serve as a regulatory partner, where proponents can concurrently seek guidance from its Innovation Sandbox.

The application window is open until July 22, 2024 with successful projects scheduled to be announced in the fall.

The Grid Innovation Fund (GIF) is issuing a targeted call in 2024 (the 2024 Call) for innovative projects focused on Electrification and Demand Management.

The 2024 Call seeks project proposals that demonstrate how electrification can be achieved in a way that helps address Ontario’s growing electricity demand in the transportation and space and water heating and cooling sectors while maintaining grid reliability, sustainability and affordability for ratepayers. More specifically, the 2024 Call is seeking project proposals under two streams:

  1. Electric Vehicles (EVs) including light, medium, heavy duty vehicles and rail transit
  2. Space and water heating across all sectors, and ventilation and cooling for non-residential weather-sensitive loads

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