CUEE 2024 – Where Tradition Meets Transformation: October 8-9, 2024

March 1, 2024

CUEE 2024 – Where Tradition Meets Transformation

The EDA is thrilled to announce that exhibitor booth registration for the Canadian Utility Energy Expo (CUEE) 2024, taking place on October 8-9, is now open!

CUEE is moving to the Enercare Centre at the Exhibition Grounds on Toronto’s waterfront. The Enercare Centre is Canada’s largest Exhibition space, and CUEE will feature over 155,000 sq ft of indoor/outdoor exhibition and networking space. This year, we’re taking this already top-rated event to new heights with a new, spacious venue and revamped program.

Experience the ultimate product showcase, live demonstrations, and unmatched expertise under one roof. Don’t miss the evolution of CUEE – where tradition meets transformation:

  • New Opportunities to Partner with LDC and other Energy Players
  • Bigger is Better – Larger Exhibition than Ever Before
  • Elevated Visibility Amongst Ontario’s Energy Elite
  • Display in a Cutting-Edge, State of the Art, Environment
  • Be Part of the Energy Transition

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