Powering the Future of Global Transportation

June 21, 2024

This UL white paper will explore the trends shaping the electric vehicle (EV) landscape and examine the emerging standards and requirements necessary to innovate and power safer EV technologies.

Over the last decade, the growth of electric mobility has continued to increase on a global scale. Governments are implementing policies to put more electric vehicles (EV) on the road by 2030 and public acceptance and use are on the rise. Safety is a foundational element of any successful and sustainable technological deployment and must continue to be actively addressed to support the emerging needs.

Download this white paper to:

  • Learn more about global standard requirements along the entire EV charging value chain.
  • Understand the advantages of the EV charging technology from today and tomorrow such as Active Cooling and High Power Charging.
  • Find out more about potential safety issues and risks associated with High Power Charging technology.
  • Stay informed about regulations and safety requirements in the EV landscape, energy storage systems and battery infrastructure where UL can provide support.

Download the white paper from HERE.

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