Milwaukee Tool: M18 FORCE LOGIC 6T Linear Utility Crimper Kit w/ O-D3 Jaw

September 21, 2023

The M18 FORCE LOGIC 6T Linear Utility Crimper is the newest member of the 6T family of crimpers, the slim grip and enlarged trigger is specifically designed for use with Class 3 gloves delivering best in class balance.

Dual electronic release buttons enable both left and right handed users to easily activate without changing hand position. The inline design and 340° rotating head provides easy access into tight spaces and the easiest set-up. This delivers unmatched control and ultimate versatility in any orientation and across multiple applications.

Compatible with eight crimping and cutting jaws this tool can crimp up to 4/0 line taps, cut up to 750MCM Cu, 1000MCM Al, 477 ACSR, ½” EHS Guy Wire, 3/8” Rebar, and 3/8” Ground Rod becoming a lineman’s single crimping and cutting solution – all while saving space on the truck. Predictive Force Monitoring (PFM™) constantly measures force output to provide the fastest crimp speeds while delivering accurate pressure and instant verification every time.

Milwaukee Crimpers feature a fully enclosed high speed hydraulic pump, Brushless Motor, REDLINK Electronics and REDLITHIUM Batteries delivering ultimate reliability in the toughest conditions. Featuring Milwaukee ONE KEY Technology, Milwaukee 6T Crimpers enable you to store real time crimp data, generate professional reports, view historical tool performance data and sync it all wirelessly to the cloud for easy access.

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