Sense and Helio Home Partner in U.S. to help Electrify Homes

November 15, 2023

Sense, an embedded electric meter intelligence company that’s redefining how utilities and consumers interact with homes and the grid, and Helio Home, a climate technology company with a mission to eliminate fossil fuels from every home in America, are launching a new referral partnership that will transform how consumers electrify their homes.

The program provides Sense’s customers with personalized information about rebates and incentives available for the installation of new, energy efficient appliances, guiding their journey to a more efficient, more comfortable, and carbon-free home. This partnership will enable consumers to transition away from fossil fuels, marking a key step on the journey to electrify 100 million homes.

After piloting the program with Sense users in the City of Denver, the initial launch will focus in Colorado before expanding to other states. This will include New York, where Sense technology will be made available to over 1.3 million residential customers through new advanced electric meters. 

Sense’s real-time, device-level energy insights will be paired with Helio’s electrification technology platform to deliver customized electrification roadmaps to consumers. Sense will identify existing customers who could benefit the most from energy efficient home upgrades like electric heat pumps, air sealing, and EV chargers. These users will then receive offers to connect with a Helio electrification expert to begin mapping out their own electrification journey. Through adopting high efficiency electric appliances, Sense users can take major steps to decarbonizing their homes, improving their home’s air quality, and adding to their home’s future resale value.

“Sense’s mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by transforming the relationship between people, homes, and the grid. But decarbonizing our homes requires more than innovative software; it also involves contractors and installers replacing attic insulation, upgrading electrical panels, and installing new HVAC systems,” said Gabe Abbott, VP Strategic Partnerships at Sense. “This new partnership with Helio will provide consumers with a trusted resource to simplify their path to a carbon-free home.”

“We are proud to partner with Sense to bring our expertise to their customers,” said Eric Reinhardt, founder and CEO of Helio Home. “At Helio Home, we simplify the transition to a fully electric home by providing personalized recommendations to homeowners, based on our AI engine. By combining resources with Sense’s real-time technology, consumers can feel more confident they are making the right investments in their home and contributing to a sustainable future.”

Sense and Helio will continue exploring ways to integrate their technologies to provide additional value to Sense-enabled homes in the future, such as using historical energy usage data to maximize rebates under the HOMES program of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).


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