Bruce Power Net Zero and Westario Power Lead the Charge Program Energizes Brockton Communities

August 29, 2023

Three new Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are ready for public use in Brockton. The ChargePoint accessible charging stations were provided through Westario Power and Bruce Power Net Zero’s Lead the Charge EV Infrastructure in Local Communities initiative, in collaboration with the Municipality of Brockton.

Officials gathered at the Walkerton Community Centre to unveil one of the new chargers, now ready for the public to charge up EVs. The other two charging sites, at the Elmwood and Cargill Community Centres, respectively, are also operational.

“Westario Power believes in taking action and demonstrating leadership to support clean energy initiatives, such as through Lead the Charge,” said Walter Malcolm, President and CEO of Westario Power. “Through the collective leadership demonstrated by our partners in enhancing the EV infrastructure in rural Ontario, we are contributing to growth and community wellbeing.”

Lead the Charge

“Lead the Charge is an important piece of Bruce Power’s overall commitment to achieving net zero on our site and in our surrounding communities,” said Mike Rencheck, President and CEO of Bruce Power. “We are proud to partner with Westario Power and our local municipalities to ensure the necessary infrastructure is available as our province and country move towards zero emission vehicles in the next decade.”

“It is great to see the chargers are ready for use at three significant locations across our municipality,” said Chris Peabody, Mayor of Brockton. “Lead the Charge has proven to be a worthwhile partnership that is helping our municipality, and our residents think about electric vehicles as a key solution and viable option moving into the future.”

The Westario Power and Bruce Power partnership offers hands-on support and funding to municipalities in Bruce, Grey, and Huron to increase the availability of EV chargers to address growing needs. An expanded regional network of EV charging stations will support residents and tourists alike who travel in the Clean Energy Frontier region.


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