Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: EcoCharge IGA Becomes the First Network in the Country to Introduce Night Rates

June 20, 2024

Papillons Infrastructure Nature and Earth Day Canada announce the implementation of a preferential night rate on its EcoCharge IGA fast-charging network for electric vehicles, a first in the country. Starting June 17, 2024, electric vehicle users will benefit from a discount of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) from 9:00 PM to 5:59 AM when charging their vehicle.

More transparency with a kilowatt-hour (kWh)  rate

This night rate will take effect alongside a shift from an hourly rate to a kWh rate, reflecting actual electricity consumption and ensuring users pay the fair price for what they consume. The rate will be set at $0.49 per kWh during the day and $0.39 per kWh at night, compared to the current rate of $22 per hour.

These changes will apply to the entire EcoCharge IGA network of 102 level 3 fast-charging stations installed in the parking lots of 51 IGA supermarkets in Quebec and New Brunswick.

Reducing pressure on the network and users

By becoming the first fast-charging network in Canada to offer a discount during off-peak electricity periods, Papillons Infrastructure Nature, the operator of the EcoCharge network, aims to make charging more accessible to users while reducing pressure on the electrical grid.


“This distinctive measure is a sustainable action that can help reduce pressure on our electrical grid. As an electric charging station operator from the environmental sector, we are working to implement innovative and concrete solutions to participate in the energy transition. We are confident that this rate will have a positive impact and hope that people will take advantage of it!” — Pierre Lussier, President and CEO, Papillons Infrastructure Nature, the operator of the EcoCharge network

“IGA and its merchants are proud to support the EcoCharge program. Since 2020, more than 100 fast-charging stations have been installed in IGA stores across Quebec and New Brunswick. We want to highlight this first-of-its-kind initiative, which demonstrates our commitment to contributing to sustainable projects that simplify the daily lives of our customers.” — Geneviève Dugré, Senior Vice-President of Retail Operations Quebec and National Operations Support, Sobeys

Overview of the EcoCharge fast-charging network

  • The implementation of the first night rate in the country offering a 10-cent discount per kWh.
  • A shift from an hourly rate to a kWh rate.
    • In Quebec, the rate will change from $22/h to $0.39 per kWh at night and $0.49 per kWh during the day.
  • Charging stations are accessible 24/7 and illuminated at night.
  • Easy and convenient use with a mobile app that allows real-time tracking of electricity consumption in kWh and notifies the user when their vehicle is charged.
  • Users can easily pay via the ChargePoint app (available on the App Store and Google Play) or directly with a credit card through the payment system installed on the stations.
  • When paired, the two EcoCharge IGA stations can deliver a power of 125 kW, among the fastest on the market.
  • A network of 102 level 3 fast-charging stations installed in the parking lots of 51 IGA supermarkets in Quebec and New Brunswick.
  • On the 22nd of each month, the entire amount of the charge will be donated to a local charity associated with each station.
  • An interactive map of station locations is available at www.rechargeco.org


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