ENWIN Announces Installation of its New Rooftop Solar Net Metering Facility

April 23, 2024

In celebration of Earth Day, ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) is proud to announce the installation of its new rooftop solar net metering facility at its head office on Rhodes Drive. One of the largest of its kind in Canada, this investment in renewable energy is a testament to ENWIN’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. 

The new rooftop solar array, consisting of over 3,000 solar panels, will generate enough clean, renewable electricity to power approximately 300 homes annually. This project is a significant step forward in ENWIN’s ongoing efforts to diversify its energy portfolio and decrease reliance on fossil fuels.

“As a leading electricity distributor, we recognize the importance of embracing a mix of renewable energy sources to meet the growing demand for clean, sustainable power,” said Garry Rossi, ENWIN’s President and CEO. “This solar installation is just the beginning of our journey towards a greener future, and we are excited to continue exploring innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and support the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.” 

The installation of this solar power facility aligns with ENWIN’s broader sustainability initiatives, which include engaging with local communities to promote environmental stewardship and education. 

“Earth Day is a time to reflect on the progress we’ve made in protecting our planet and to renew our commitment to sustainable practices,” said Kris Taylor, ENWIN’s Chief Business Development Officer. “This solar installation is a tangible demonstration of our dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen and driving positive change for the environment.”

What is Net Metering? 

Net metering customers generate electricity for their own consumption, typically through renewable energy sources. The electricity grid is further supported as excess electricity generation from these efforts is injected back into the system for future consumption. 

Net metering can contribute to a more resilient, efficient, and environmentally sustainable electricity system by encouraging the adoption of renewable energy sources to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants associated with traditional forms of electricity generation.


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