Neweg Energy Project: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Energy Future in New Brunswick

January 31, 2024

Amlamgog (Fort Folly) First Nation, Natoaganeg (Eel Ground) First Nation, Oinpegitjoig (Pabineau) First Nation, Esgenoôpetitj (Burnt Church) First Nation, Tjipõgtõtjg (Buctouche) First Nation, L’nui Menikuk (Indian Island) First Nation, Ugpi’ganjig (Eel River Bar) First Nation and Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation through a Mi’gmaq economic development company, Mi’gmaq United Investment Network (MUIN), and NB Power are thrilled to announce that the Neweg Energy Project has been selected as the inaugural initiative under the Renewables Expressions of Interest (REOI) issued by NB Power in 2023. This important project marks a significant step towards a sustainable energy future for the region.

The Neweg Energy Project will feature six state-of-the-art turbines with a combined annual energy production of nearly 100GWh. Strategically located near the existing Wocawson wind project, approximately 20 kilometers east of the Town of Sussex, the project will be New Brunswick’s first large scale renewable energy project since the First Nations-led Wisokolamson and Wocawson energy projects were commissioned in 2019.

“For the Mi’gmaq, as stewards of our land, sustainable energy is a means of protecting the environment for the next seven generations. Historically, the Mi’gmaq have not been involved in any major resource energy projects within our territory in this province. This project is a welcome change and signals a new path forward.” Said Chief Rebecca Knockwood.

The turbines are projected to generate enough clean energy to power approximately 8000 homes annually, making a substantial contribution to our commitment to environmental sustainability. Over the next 30 years, this important partnership will save New Brunswickers over 13 million dollars in energy costs. 

Anticipated to be operational by December 2025, the project aligns seamlessly with NB Power’s strategic plan, “Energizing Our Future,” demonstrating its unwavering dedication to a cost-effective, clean, and secure energy supply.

“The partnership with the Mi’gmaq communities in the Neweg Energy Project is not only a step towards sustainable energy but also a demonstration of the importance of First Nations participation in shaping our collective future. The selection of the Neweg Energy Project is also testament to our continuous commitment to leading New Brunswick towards a low-carbon economy and achieving our environmental targets. “, stated Lori Clark, President and CEO of NB Power.

The project is being developed in partnership with Natural Forces. Robert Apold, Principal, said: Natural Forces is enthusiastic about supporting the Mi’gmaq communities in the Neweg Energy Project.  This partnership will result in wind turbines being interconnected to the New Brunswick grid which will mean 36,830 tCO2e/year less carbon in the air. The Neweg Energy Project brings First Nations, government, utilities and private enterprise together which is the key to unlocking the road to decarbonization.  By working together, we are making progress towards a cleaner future while locking in the low cost of renewable energy.” 

This milestone is part of a broader initiative, and NB Power remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering sustainable development. NB Power eagerly anticipates the progression of additional projects identified within the REOI framework and will continue to collaborate with project proponents, seeking funding opportunities to ensure the economic viability of these projects.

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