OEB Notice of Amendments to the Distribution System Code

MArch 27, 2024

The Ontario Energy Board has issued the final Notice of Amendments to the Distribution System Code (DSC) to enable flexible hosting capacity arrangements.

These amendments will allow electricity distributors to use innovative technologies to connect more Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to the power grid, optimizing the capacity available on the distribution system.

Currently, portions of the power grid are constrained and unable to connect to new DERs. The drive for innovation as we progress through the energy transition has inspired the creation of DER solutions to utilize grid capability more effectively and avoid expensive investments like station upgrades.

These arrangements will allow an electricity distributor, where they have the technical ability, to connect DERs that may together exceed feeder and/or substation technical capacity limits on the distributor’s system.

The amendments to DSC reflect the OEB’s commitment to facilitating innovation, optimization, and cost-effectiveness in the sector, while providing customers with greater opportunities to take advantage of DERs.

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