Undergrounding of Power Lines Serving Downtown Gatineau

November 29, 2023

To meet the increased demand for electricity in downtown Gatineau, Hydro-Québec will underground four overhead distribution lines between Val-Tétreau substation and Rue Eddy.

A new underground concrete duct bank approximately 2 km long will be installed to accommodate the 25-kilovolt (kV) lines.

“The growth of downtown Gatineau, specifically the Hull sector, has increased the demand for electricity,” said project manager Pascale Bolduc. “Building the concrete duct bank and undergrounding the existing lines will strengthen the grid and ensure its long-term operability.”

Preliminary work will begin in fall 2023, with construction of the concrete duct bank expected to take place from May 2024 until December 2025.

Associated local enhancements

Undergrounding the existing lines will allow Hydro-Québec to dismantle the overhead structures between Val-Tétreau substation and Hull-2 generating station. The company will also take the opportunity to dismantle an overhead line which is no longer in use.

“In total, we’ll be removing 9 transmission towers and 14 distribution towers along the Ottawa River in the downtown and Val-Tétreau areas. This will greatly enhance the visual appeal of these areas for residents and for the many users of the Voyageurs Pathway,” said Bolduc.


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