MAXIAMP® Cable Bus Feeder System

November 7, 2023

MAXIAMP® Overview

United Wire & Cable has developed a complete unarmoured power cable ventilated enclosure system that provides a one-stop solution to the challenge of transferring power from one point to another at a very low installed cost to the system owner. This system is called the MAXIAMP® Cable Bus Feeder System and is superior to bus duct, armoured cable in tray, underground duct bank, direct buried and conduit systems.

In the past, Electrical and Industrial plants transporting Power between two points locally such as from a Generator to a Transformer substation or from the Substation to various distribution points, have resorted to many solutions. One of the most common methods has been to use Armoured Cable in an open “tray” structure installation. In order to do this they have had to source cable trays from a fabricating shop, power cables from wire and cable experts, design the layout according to codes and Contractors to supply enclosures and install the equipment.

MAXIAMP® is a uniquely designed cable bus feeder system package which includes technically selected power cables, a well ventilated aluminum or steel enclosure, all associated hardware, entry fittings, and cable terminations (including an insulation shield and conductor lugs); tailored to be an effective and highly engineered product. This unique lug-to-lug solution simplifies and streamlines the project managers’ task tremendously.

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