Yukon Energy Launches its Latest Demand-Side Management Program, Peak Smart Home

December 20, 2023

Yukon Energy has launched its latest demand-side management program, Peak Smart Home. Born out of a two-year residential pilot program delivered by Yukon Energy, ATCO Electric Yukon, Yukon Development Corporation, and Natural Resources Canada, Peak Smart Home will help shift electricity usage away from periods of peak demand. In doing so, the program will help to reduce the use of diesel in the winter.

Funded in part by the Government of Yukon, Peak Smart Home offers Yukoners free thermostats and/or hot water tank controllers. Once installed, Yukon Energy will make subtle changes to the temperature of Yukoners homes or hot water tanks during periods of peak electricity demand. This means pre-heating homes before a spike in electricity use is expected, and then reducing the temperature by a few degrees during hours of peak electricity demand.

“As an isolated grid, we only have ourselves to rely on to generate the electricity we need to meet winter peaks. One way we can each contribute to reducing these winter peaks is through programs like Peak Smart. The interest in our pilot program showed that Yukoners are keen to be a part of solutions to help reduce the use of diesel. Peak Smart Home is a great opportunity for Yukoners to play a role in their energy future and to contribute to a more sustainable Yukon.”

– Michael Muller, Vice President of Planning, Environment, Health and Safety

Yukoners will always have control of the devices installed through the Peak Smart Home program and can choose to override or change the settings of their devices at any time.

This program is only available to Yukoners who live in communities connected to the Yukon’s main electricity grid. For additional eligibility criteria, more information and to sign up, Yukoners can visit this page.


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