S&C Electric Canada: Advancing Toronto’s Infrastructure

March 12, 2024

Toronto, S&C Electric
S&C Electric’s vital role in advancing Toronto’s infrastructure and supporting key segments


In 1909, S&C Electric Company revolutionized the delivery of reliable electricity with the invention of the Liquid Power Fuse. Today, as the world faces more extreme weather events and the demand for electricity grows, S&C continues to revolutionize the next century’s grid to ensure reliable and resilient power for communities and critical infrastructure worldwide. With a diverse, global workforce focused on safety, integrity, and quality, S&C is trusted by utility and industry customers for innovations that advance an intelligent, reliable, and resilient future grid.  


Products manufactured in Canada support an increasingly complex and dynamic power grid with solutions that add automation, reliability, and resilience.

Our presence in the region supports a variety of organizations in fulfilling the everyday needs of the Toronto community, including:
  • Powering homes, schools, and businesses throughout Toronto
  • Ensuring a constant flow of fresh, clean water for Toronto residents
  • Enabling data centers and major telecom companies to maintain connectivity and deliver essential online services for the entire city
  • Delivering electrical support to businesses and institutions that provide essential goods and services  


S&C Electric Canada Ltd. employs more than 500 team members in the Toronto area and is the largest location for S&C Electric Company outside of the United States. Expansion plans include the addition of 65,000+ sq ft to our current 220,000 sq ft facility to meet the growing demand of the North American market. This expansion will create approximately 100 manufacturing and operations jobs. In addition, this expansion will support S&C in bringing new technology to the community to meet its needs into the future. 

  • 90 Belfield Road Toronto,
    Ontario, Canada
  • 500+
  • 1953


  • Alduti-Rupter® Switches
  • Omni-Rupter® Switches
  • Custom Metal Enclosed Switchgear
  • Scada-Mate® Switching Systems

S&C Electric Canada plays a vital role in advancing Toronto’s infrastructure and supporting key segments. Our technology keeps the power on at homes, schools, businesses, and the provincial legislature buildings, and supports the reliability of both the city’s and the province’s largest utilities. 

Prioritizing permitting for S&C safeguards the health and well-being of the community through reliable delivery of essential goods and services while also ensuring that Toronto’s vibrant cultural and entertainment scene remains resilient and accessible to all. 


S&C provides a reliable power infrastructure to schools and universities throughout Toronto. 


We provide timely energization of approximately 48 high-rise condominium developments, representing around 20,000 condo suites that are addressing the pressing need for housing in Toronto. 


Agencies like the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) deliver timely, reliable transportation to the citizens of Toronto through the support and services provided by S&C. 


Warehousing companies (such as Amazon), retailers, grocery stores, and others responsible for supplying essential goods rely heavily on S&C’s electrical support. 

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